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In's and out's of Rough and tough camping in the UK

March 28, 2015

The cool kids seem to be glamping these days, but there are still those among us who prefer to be one with nature and go old school with the hardcore camping. There are any number of camping locations around the UK, and they range from down and dirty, glamourous and adventurous, depending on your chosen location.

The great part of camping in the UK is that you have multiple choices. There are wild campsites where there will be no one else around for miles, campsites with superb facilities for kids and families, sports activities and more, or you can go well and truly native and disappear into a forest or climb a mountain to get your chosen bed. It’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you don’t become a law breaker on your travels!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some essential tips for a little rough and tough camping in the UK:

Brush up on the Law

When it’s illegal (sometimes especially when it’s illegal) – but that doesn’t mean that you should actively go and break the law just to be hardcore. There are enough cool places to camp without resorting to trespassing and putting yourself in danger that will still blow your mind and give you 100% adventure and solitude, if that’s what you’re looking for. To brush up on your law, check out http://www.nationalparks.gov.uk/visiting/camping for camping laws and regulations, and other great tips.

Make Sure You Have a Map (and Can Read it!)

These days, it’s too easy to switch on your iPhone or use your sat nav to get from A to B. Remember those crazy things with lines all over them called maps? Excellent. If you want to be a hardcore camper, you would be wise to get one for the roads, walks and other areas in the locations that you are going to be visiting as part of your camping trip. Not only that, but make sure you have brushed up on your orienteering skills too, as you could find yourself staring at a map in the middle of nowhere, with no idea what you should be looking at. Like the Boy Scouts say: Be prepared!

Get All the Equipment You Need and Wear the Right Clothing

Whether you’re camping in a field in Devon or on a rocky mountain in the Highlands, having the right equipment is essential. From sleeping arrangement to the right clothing, your hardcore camping trip depends on you being prepared for anything, and that means getting the basics right for starters. Make sure that your tent or shelter is put up correctly and is going to survive strong weather.

If you are camping in the middle of nowhere, having cooking equipment and plenty of lighting is important, and you might need to use electronic equipment (without being able to simply plug it in to the mains). Without ticking these boxes first, you could find yourself having to go back, falling out with your fellow campers or simply having a miserable time. Do your research into camping tools and survival gear, and then create a checklist before you go. Don’t skimp on having the best equipment to hand, either. It all goes together to make for an amazing camping experience for all involved.

Do Your Research Online Before You Go

There are a wide range of articles, guides and websites you can visit before you jet off on your camping trip, and they can fill your head with awesome ideas, places to go, life hacks and much more. You can learn anything from creating a lantern out of a peanut butter jar to starting a campfire with an egg carton. The more knowledge you have, the more power it gives you in any given situation, something that is extremely useful when you become a hardcore camper.


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