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Military & Outdoor Ltd Interviewed on ITV Anglia News

June 01, 2015

Justin Jones from Military Outdoor Ltd was asked on to ITV News as an industry expert to discuss body armour after the sad incident in Cambridgeshire which led to the loss of life.

A man in Cambridgeshire was jailed for shooting his friend who wanted to test out a new bullet-proof vest that he had purchased from a military surplus store. The problem with old equipment and second hand body armour equipment is that it is often not regulated or safe for its purpose.

The body armour that Military Outdoor sell is clearly labelled for its purpose, a stab proof vest serves a very different purpose to a bullet proof vest for instance.  Only vests specifically made to be bullet proof should be used for that purpose and the rare occasions where they may be called into action.  It is never recommended to test out a vest whilst being worn or to use firearms unless under instruction or have a license to do so.

You can read more on the Anglia News about this story here.

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