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Prepping When You Have "No Room"

August 04, 2015

Whether you’re prepping a Bug Out bag for a camping trip or an entire RV for a long vacation, space is going to be a pretty valuable commodity of which there will not be a lot afforded to you. In this instance, you need to be prepared to say goodbye to the luxuries and only take what is 100% essential to you.

Prepping is tough because you can often forget things that don’t seem essential until you find yourself needing them. A great example of this would be needing to cut some rope and then realising that you don’t have a knife, or at least not a sharp enough knife to do the job. Prepping beforehand means that you can take up less space with stuff you don’t need and complete a tick sheet of essentials, such as water, food, shelter and a variety of tools you might need.

Here are some great ways to help you prepare before you head out:

Create a List

It may sound obvious to many, but the number of rescues that occur every year because people forget to take the right equipment or don’t prepare properly before they head out is astonishing. By creating a list beforehand, you can check off what you have and this will also keep you from getting trigger happy and filling your bag or vehicle with needless stuff that won’t get used and will take up space.

Consider the weight

Whether you’re driving or hiking, neither you nor your vehicle needs to be weighed down with unnecessary gear. Even if you can carry 50-80 pounds of gear on your back, do you really want to? It’ll slow you down and tire you out a great deal quicker than it will if you take the extra prep time to get that weight down to 20-30lbs instead, with just the bare essentials inside. The same rules apply to your vehicle. Too much weight can lead to breakdowns or adding valuable time to your journey at the very least.


What do you need to survive? Water, food, shelter and warmth. Add to that the means to make fire if need be and the means to see what is in front of you (e.g. a flashlight) and you are pretty much there. Think survival when doing your prep and you are less likely to fill up valuable space in your vehicle or on your person with stuff you don’t need.

Keep everything working

Taking up valuable space with too much stuff is one thing, you there are some items that it’s good to double up on: including batteries for you flashlights, socks in case your feet get soaked through and anything else that could break down or malfunction whilst you’re out. You don’t want to be left stranded at night because your flashlight doesn’t work and you didn’t think to double-up on the batteries.

Be creative with space to find extra room

If you have little room in your vehicle or on your person, you need to try and be creative with the space that you have. For example, is there room on top of your vehicle or under your bed for certain items? Are there areas of your vehicle that can be used for extra storage? Take the time to go over your vehicle before you leave on your journey and maximise the space wherever possible, from keeping beds you don’t need kept upright to using cupboards for more than just food storage.

When it comes to storage, you have to be prepared to say ‘when there’s a will there’s a way’ and get your hands dirty. This could mean ripping out excess furniture and shelves to make way for larger, much needed items, to taking out extra beds and simply using mats and bags to sleep on instead, therefore maximising space. This preparation work will put you in good stead and you won’t be saying “I have no room” again in a hurry.


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