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May 31, 2017

Bushcraft Kit Without Costing The Earth?

Bushcraft has become a household name in the UK, thanks to Ray Mears in particular and his TV series, high quality Bushcraft Kitcan cost hundreds of pounds, which should last a lifetime if cared for correctly, our mission is to show you that you can enjoy the great outdoors on a shoestring, literally!

Used Army Surplus?

Firstly, why buy new, there are some really good Surplus stores that will kit you out with used army kit, I know its not the flashy Gucci bushcraft gear, but it has been designed to work, and the cheap used prices you cant go far wrong, especially if your young and new to Bushcraft.

Some of the Army backpacks are design classics as comfortable as the market leaders, but a fraction of the price, spray some water proofing on it and off you go.

Tarpaulin Anyone?

The craze for expensive Tarp's running into hundreds could scare most off buying an essential Bushcraft Shelter item, so pop along to your local builders merchant, you can buy a waterproof rot proof Tarpaulin in a variety of colours for less than a tenner! It will keep you dry at a fraction of the cost!

Fire Starting Kit

Lighters and matches still cant be beaten at literally pence each, yes they have there drawbacks but when your starting out experimenting with different tinder's these will do fine.

We all started somewhere and with a limited budget, I have seen many new to bushcraft spending a small fortune to give up after the first wet weekend, use our tips to get started and upgrade when you can but most importantly enjoy it!

Ps, don't forget the tin can stove!


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