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July 15, 2016

Cambridge prepping Store Military & Outdoor in the News

Military & Outdoor Ltd was featured in the UK media locally & nationally this week.

The brexit vote has pushed sales up due to several factors, the build up to the vote was peppered with speeches by ex prime minister david cameron on the threat of world war three if we left the union, the pound has dropped to an all time low with the euro and us dollar sparking fears of civil unrest, a factor also is the sabre rattling as some would call it, by nato to russia and the real threat of a conflict in that region with troop build ups from both sides.

Our local cambridge news paper linkon us can be found below.

"Brexit vote drives boom in survival kits in Cambridge amid fears of Third World War and terror"

National newspapers also picked up on our story, the sun newspaper link can be found below.

"IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY? Families stocking up on survival kits, stab vests and emergency rations after Brexit vote"

The Daily Mirror article about our Cambridge Prepping Store.

"Anxious Brits stock up on survival kits & stab vests as sales sore amidst Brexit panic"

We look forward to your comments, did they report prepping accurately?

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