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June 17, 2016

Lets take a quick look at what we think will keep you safe, warm, fed & happy whether your hiking across the moors, on a canoe expedition down the amazon or simply camping in the local woods, and yes we do have some lovely woods here in cambridge.

Lets start with keeping you warm and dry, some decent outerwear for when your tabbing over the moors such as the condor summit zero soft shell, the quality outdoor jacket is water resistant and also breathable to allow moisure from physical activity to escape.

Ok, you hiked across the coutryside and now you need to set up camp for the night, alot of choices here when it comes to lightweight shelters, lets take the snugpak stasha bivvi as a good item to carry, fits in your pocket but offers awesome protection from the elements.

Sturdy footwear is an absolute must if you intend to hike anywhere, we have specialist boots depending on where you are going such as jungle or desert specific boots.

Dont forget we said at the beginning youd be happy, food,  you can build a camp fire to cook on but collecting the kindling and wood for fuel is energy & time consuming, far easier to take a small stove and a gas canister, instant warmth & a brew in a couple of minutes, see we said you would be happy!

We could go on listing eveything from socks for walking to ration packs, but just mentioning the basic outdoor equipment we stock here in cambridge.

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