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February 07, 2017

Preppers used to be seen as a paranoid bunch of nutters, to put it frankly, wasting time on a disaster that would never come?

A SHTF scenario (Shot Hits The Fan) may not even be caused by a finger on the nuclear button, a flu pandemic or financial meltdown.

Economic collapse is a real possibility; Silicon Valley millionaires and billionaires have been busy buying up land in New Zealand, Reddit boss Steve Huffman recently told the New Yorker that he’d had laser eye surgery to prepare himself for armageddon.

How to prepare for the apocalypse? portable wealth, such as gold in small parts like coins, or you could take silver as well, but the rate of gold to silver in currency value has really varied over the years and you have to carry so much more.

Food is a primary worry, sure you can stock up on tinned and long shelf life dried goods, but a lack of water will kill you first, fill a bath or filter running fresh water.

For a nuclear disaster london preppers argues you should go east to Cambridge, due to the prevailing winds. But you may be best staying still, there was evidence that people who didn’t walk around fared better after Hiroshima.

A post-collapse society may well be WROL (without the rule of law), which means property rights disappear. In that case, you’re better off in a group such as a local militia.

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