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BCB International

BCB FireDragon Solid Fuel

BCB FireDragon Solid Fuel

New BCB FireDragon Solid Fuel is an environmentally friendly solid fuel that has replaced the old hexamine blocks for a faster far cleaner safer burn, used by many military forces around the world, and ideal for bushcraft use.

A perfect cooking solid fuel that can also be safely transported, even air safe.


    • Non-toxic and odourless when burnt
    • Easy and quick to ignite use the flint, match or lighter.
    • Low luminosity
    • Very little soot given off.
    • Easy to store and handle
    • Safe to be packed with food
    • High calorific value 28,000 kJ / kg
    • Each block will burn for about 8 minutes.
    • Two blocks for about 12 minutes
    • Suitable for all weather conditions
    • Will light & burn even when wet
    • Made from sustainable, natural biofuel
    • Air freightable

Weight 6x27g or 0.9oz.

NATO approved NSN-9110-99-505-2835.

Brand BCB International.

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