Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Stove Kit
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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit

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Brand Bushcraft Essentials

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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit

The Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit is a super efficient portable multi-fuel stove (also called hobo stove or firebox) for cooking, heating and barbecue.

Only 1 cm thick when folded, perfect for longer outdoor trips, hikes, camping, trekking, canoeing, bushcraft, biking, expeditions etc. etc.

Independent, versatile and easy to use. You can find the fuel everywhere in the nature - twigs, branches, leaves, even dry dung. Alternatively you can use many different other fuels like spirit burners (Trangia), Esbit, wood pellets, charcoal etc.

This deluxe combination kit included the grill plate xl and a heavy duty carry bag.

This bushcraft stove is built to last, made from 100% stainless steel.

Designed and manufactured in Germany.

A solid piece of equipment designed to last a lifetime.

Weight 800g.

Size 12.5 x 12.5 x 19cm.

Material Stainless Steel.

Brand Bushcraft Essentials.



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