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Bushcraft Essentials

Bushcraft Essentials Survival Card

Bushcraft Essentials Survival Card

Bushcraft Essentials Survival Card is a really great edc tool and perfect for wilderness adventures and survival preppers to keep in the wallet.

This novel BE survival card with arrows, saw and blade is from super strong stainless steel.

The individual arrows can be broken out and used in an emergency. The card also has a very sharp blade with chisel grind.

Made in Germany like all Bushcraft Essentials products, and designed to last a lifetime.

Although it looks rather inconspicuous, the edc survival card is a very serious tool. It has been on expeditions and is in use in several military units and at least one special forces unit.

It is an ideal component for an EDC.

Note, does not ship to North America due to patent.

Brand Bushcraft Essentials.

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