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Cobra Optics

Cobra Optics Nebula GRP 80 Night Vision Binoculars

Cobra Optics Nebula GRP 80 Night Vision Binoculars

The Cobra Optics Nebula GRP 80 Night Vision Binocularsare ultra-compact and lightweight, utilising a rugged metal bodyshell, with two high grade Gen 1 tubes and 4.0x magnification by using two 80mm f1.6 lenses with a 12° field of view.

A unique external light sensor helps prevent tube damage from bright light sources.

The IR has been updated to offer a zoom facility giving both a wide area and a spot beam.

New ergonomic wrap-around eye cups fitted as standard to maximize comfort and minimize glow from the eyepieces.

An optional 26mm f1.4 lens set and headmount allow the Nebula Pro to be converted in to a hands-free head mounted night vision goggle unit.

For use in very low light/total darkness there is a built in short range infrared (IR) illuminator to increase range and clarity of image.


  • Generation 1.
  • FOV 12.
  • Magnification 4x.
  • Battery 2x LR1.
  • Range 350m.
  • Case supplied.
  • Built in IR.
  • Lens 2x 80mm f1.6.

Dimensions 199x122x63mm.

Weight 780g.

Brand Cobra Optics.


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