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Cobra Optics

Cobra Optics Tornado Night Vision Goggles

Cobra Optics Tornado Night Vision Goggles

The Cobra Optics Tornado Night Vision Goggles are a lightweight biocular fitted with generation 2+ russian premium tubes, with ergonomic eyecups and interpupillary adjustment, viewfinder indicator of low battery and IR illuminator on.

The lightweight head mount offers flip and lock, safety lock, eye-relief adjustment and replaceable leather forehead/head pads.

A small, short-range IR illuminator is built-in with the option to fit a 7028 IR Telephoto Lens.

The Cobra Optics Tornado Night Vision Goggles can be upgraded with the 7029 3x lens converter fitted to the standard 26mm lens to give a higher 3x magnification, or the unit can be converted to a hand-held high magnification biocular with the addition of optional lenses - the 7013 100mm f1.5, 7015 165mm f2.0 and 7101 250mm f2.0 which offer 3.9x , 6.6x and 9.6x image magnification respectively.


  • Shoulder bag included.
  • Generation 2+.
  • FOV 40 °.
  • Magnification 1x.
  • Batteries 2 x AA.
  • Range 0.5-200m.
  • Built in IR.
  • Lens 26mm.

Weight 440g.

Dimensions 173x148x73.

Brand Cobra Optics.

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