DD 3mx3m Lightweight Tarp Black
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DD 3mx3m Lightweight Tarp Black

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Brand DD Hammocks


DD 3mx3m Lightweight Tarp Black

The new DD 3mx3m Lightweight Tarp Black is ultralight with 16 tough reinforced side attachment points, plus 3 tough centre attachment points making it an extremely versatile shelter.

It is the perfect size DD Tarp to provide complete protection for any of our hammocks (and still provide dry living / storage / cooking space around the hammock).

The DD 3mx3m Tarp can also be used on its own as a tent roof for those camping on the ground, to provide a camp shelter, or as a ground sheet.

Hundreds of set-up options are possible.

Taped seams.

Completely waterproof, even in the heaviest storms.

Includes 4 x Pegs & Guy Lines, Stuff Sack.

Weight: 790g (excl pegs & guy lines).

Colour: Black.

Size: 3m x 3m or 10 x 10ft.

Brand: DD Hammocks.



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