Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Masks Valve Respirators 10 Pack
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Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Masks Valve Respirators 10 Pack

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Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Masks Valve Respirators 10 Pack

Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Masks Valve Respirators 10 Pack are CE certified and the highest graded Valved FFP3 face masks available in Europe, and the Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Mask Valve Respirators are a standard size to fit all faces, including larger sizes.

Each face mask is EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 for the UK and are the most recent efficient FFP3 Valved respirators masks available in the EU, offering the highest level of protection available against chemical & aerosol (air borne) particulates.

Our Ebola Virus FFP3 Face Masks Valve Respirators come with a exhalation valve for comfort to reduce heat build-up or for prolonged periods of usage and have been ergonomically designed for comfort.

Each mask is individually wrapped, and comes with full fitting instructions, please familiarise yourself with a correct fitting and follow leak fit tests to make sure you receive protection, correct fitting of any PPE is crucial.

These are not cheaper inferior single material dust mask or N95, FFP1 or FFP2 masks, many of these will not filter out viruses and air borne particles, be aware of misleading titles. Only the highest grade FFP3 respirators will provide protection against solid and liquid aerosols (air borne) and smoke, and the following materials; Asbestos, bacteria, fungi, mould spores, mycobacterium tuberculosis (T.B.),heavy metals,  metal dust and smoke, viruses such as Ebola, Avian flu and enzymes.

What's the difference between a surgical mask and a FFP3 respirator?

Surgical masks are plain masks that cover the nose and mouth and are held in place by straps around the head. In healthcare settings, they are normally worn during medical procedures to protect not only the patient but also the healthcare worker from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate matter generated from any splash and splatter. Whilst they will provide a physical barrier to large projected droplets, they do not provide respiratory protection against smaller suspended droplets and aerosols. That is, they are not regarded as personal protective equipment (PPE) under the European Directive 89/686/EEC (PPE Regulation 2002 SI 2002 No. 1144).

A filtering facepiece (FFP3) device is a mask which is certified to the PPE Directive. It provides a high level of filtering capability and face fit. It can be supplied with an exhale valve so that it can be worn comfortably over a fairly long period of time.

It will provide an effective barrier to both droplets and fine aerosols and is the type recommended particularly for people in the healthcare sector dealing with symptomatic patients undergoing treatment where aerosols are likely to be generated.

Current NHS guidelines stipulate FFP3 respirators for Ebola and other life threatening infectious control.

Pack of 10 new sealed highest level FFP3 Respirators.

Bulk discounts available.

Brand Metek.



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