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Emergency SHTF Family Grab Bag 4 Person Kit

Emergency SHTF Family Grab Bag 4 Person Kit

The deluxe emergency family kit has been designed to be grabbed at a moments notice to aid in the event of an evacuation or natural disaster.

This essential preppers kit is filled with survival supplies for 4 people, ideal as a family bug out bag kept in the car boot

The rugged bag contains enough 5 year shelf life food, water and also water purification tablets that will make safe any suspect fresh water, enough for the critical first few days.

Other grab bag suppliers leave out the essentials such as shelter, so a lightweight tarp is added to protect you all from the elements, and the survival essential is fire so we always stick in an easy to use firesteel to get a fire started anywhere in all weathers.

The rucksack features padded shoulder straps and a grab handle which can also be used to hang the bag in a convenient location.

Familiy Emergency Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Tactical backpack
  • 1 x Lightweight Emergency Shelter
  • 1 x Firesteel
  • 1 x Wind-Up LED torch & radio
  • 4 x 5 year emergency food rations
  • 4 x 5 years emergency water rations
  • 1 x 50 water purification tablets
  • 1 x Drinks bottle 1 litre
  • 4 x Foil space blankets
  • 4 x Survival bivi bags
  • 4 x Illuminous light sticks
  • 1 x Safety whistle
  • 1 x Waterproof document pouch
  • 1 x First aid kit large

Brand BushcraftLab.

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