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Ghillie Kettle

Explorer Silver Anodized Ghillie Kettle

Explorer Silver Anodized Ghillie Kettle

The Explorer Silver Anodized Ghillie Kettleis lighter, more scratch resistant and longer lasting as made with silver anodized aluminium, which as you know is lighter than stainless steel, unlike the far east made cheap stainless models, this is hand made in great britain!

This Explorer Silver Anodized Ghillie Kettle 1 ltr will boil mugs of water in just minutes.

To use simply pour water into the spout, add the whistling top, light a fire in the bottom and watch the flames rise through the middle of the chimney.

The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows oxygen to be sucked in as the flames rise; you can also add more combustible items down through the centre of the chimney.

The only bushcraft kettle on the market that has the safety feature of a whistle.

Perfect for winter brews while fishing, camping weekends and all outdoor activities.

Height 28cm or 11inchs.

Width 18.5cm or 7.3inchs (at its widest point).

Lightweight at only 0.8kg.

Comes with a hard wearing carry bag.

Brand Ghillie Kettles.

"Hand Made in Great Britain"


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