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Limitless Equipment

Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Pro Survival Kit

Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Pro Survival Kit

The Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Pro Survival Kitis the most complete survival kit on the market, with more than 40 essential items for every conceivable survival or emergency situation you could face.


  • Metal container: Boiling water. Cooking. Digging. Reflector signal. Make char cloth for tinder
  • X 1 Emergency Whistle and fire striker
  • X 1 Water resistant red LED: Save your night vision
  • X 2 Mini Light sticks: 8 hours emergency light
  • X 1 Liquid Filled compass
  • X 2m reflective TACTI-GLOW Paracord: 7 strand. 550lb
  • X 1 Wire steel saw: cutting wood
  • X1 Sheet waterproof paper
  • X1 Pencil
  • 1m copper snare wire. 0.8mm diameter
  • X1 Sewing kit: Needles, thread, buttons, threader
  • X 2 Paperclips
  • X 2 Ranger bands - 1 large 1 small
  • X 1 Water carrier
  • X Water filter kit
  • Tinder extender in vial: Add to tinder for extended flame life in windy conditions.
  • First Aid kit: Prep instruments, Gauze pads (8x6), cleaning, wound dressing, tinder etc.
  • Fishing Kit: hook ready tied to nylon. Size #10. Foam winder, 8m 6 lb fishing line & fishing lures
  • X 1 Tampon: Tinder. Wound dressing. Etc.
  • X 1 30 cm square tin foil: Cooking. Signalling. Etc

Made in the UK.

Size 11 x 7 x 4cm.

Weight 150g.

Brand Limitless Equipment.

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