mKettle SAS Bushcraft Stove
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mKettle SAS Bushcraft Kettle

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Brand Ghillie Kettle


mKettle SAS Bushcraft Kettle

mKettle SAS Bushcraft Kettle is the world's most eco friendly compact double walled bushcraft kettle, it is proven in the field for camping, fishing, or backpacking light, where weight and size matters.

Hard anodized for tough use, ideal for boiling water for drinks, sterilisation, and re-hydrating food out in the wilds.

The unique aspect to this sas anodized kettle is that it has a neoprene jacket which makes it a real bonus when you want to pour out the water, and the patented silicon food grade stopper for transporting water in the kettle.

Simply fill it with water, light a fire in the base from twigs or anything to hand in the widld, and wait for it to boil.


  • Hard anodized aluminium
  • Capacity 530 ml about 1 Pint
  • Size 17cm (7”) Tall by 10cm (4”) Wide
  • Fitted Rip Stop Nylon Carry Bag with D-Rings
  • Storage space for Matches Fire Starter inside Firebase

Kit contains: mKettle, Nylon Bag, Neoprene Sleeve & Stopper.

Weight 370 grams.

Brand Ghillie Kettle.



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