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Sawyer Filters

Sawyer Water Filter Thermal Sleeve Camouflage

Sawyer Water Filter Thermal Sleeve Camouflage

The Sawyer Water Filter Thermal Sleeve Camouflagewill lessen the risk of freeze damage to your filter, and also offer good impact protection.

Designed to fit any of the sawyer filters such as the mini or squeeze.

This sawyer filter sleeve will help to prevent your filter from freezing in sub-zero temperatures, it is an aid to prevent freezing, and does not in any way guarantee that the filter will not freeze.

Please follow these guidelines to prevent freezing: Take it into your sleeping bag at night time. Carry it in an inside pocket next to your body when walking. If you are using it in line on a hydration pack, take frequent sips to keep the water moving within the filter and line.

If you suspect it has frozen replace it.

We offer warrantee support for Sawyer products purchased directly from ourselves, we are listed on the Sawyer Europe website, BEWARE some filters on auction sites are not genuine EU approved stock.

Brand Sawyer Filters.

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