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The Brown Bag Company

The Brown Bag Water Filter

The Brown Bag Water Filter

The Brown Bag is a canvas water filterthat’s used as a highly effective sediment water filter. It’s easy to carry and easy to use

Used in conjunction with a combined filter/purification system as an effective pre-filter to prevent clogging and extend the filtering life of your system

It is essential to remove the sediment as it provides hiding places for water borne pathogens e.g. Viruses, bacteria and parasites. If the sediment is not removed this is known to reduce the effectiveness of chemical purification treatments on these pathogens. In addition, if the sediment is not removed it can upset your digestive system.

The Brown Bag is endorsed by SAS survival legend John “Lofty” Wiseman and was developed back in 2011 when it was becoming difficult to source the original army surplus mill bank bag. After 3 years of trial and testing different types of canvas the Brown Bag Company tracked down the original manufacturer of the military canvas used in the millbank bags. So, the brown bag canvas is woven to an approved MOD specification without the potential harmful copper anti rotting compound found in the early military bags.

Available in two sizes

  • Personal - Up to 3 litres
  • Group - Up to 20 litres


Brand: The Brown Bag Company


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