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24 Hour Emergency Ration Pack

24 Hour Emergency Ration Pack

The 24 Hour Emergency Ration Pack in a tough waterproof pack that also doubles as a water container once emptied, ideal for purifying suspect water contains essential food rations, water and fire starting kit which will save your life in any situation, anywhere in the world.

Contains a tough pocket survival tool that features many uses including a blade, can opener and bottle opener, an emergency blanket for shelter and signalling, waterproof matches to light your camp fire in any weather, plus emergency food rations and some emergency water to get you going until your in a position to use your purification tablets.

Pack contains:

  • Food grade pouch - storage for a litre of water, ideal to purify
  • Energy bar - longer term fuel, 400 cals
  • Stock cube - morale boosting soup in minutes
  • Mint cake - instant energy 170 cals
  • Waterproof matches - light a fire even in a storm
  • Light stick - search and rescue signal for 12 hours
  • Oasis tabs 10 - drop 1 in pouch of water and wait 20 minutes
  • Foil hypothermia blanket - warmth and shelter and for signalling
  • Multi tool - screwdriver, cutter, saw, can opener, etc
  • Emergency water  sachets 200ml

Weight 400g.

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