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Bushcraft Practice In The UK?

When choosing a location to hone your bushcraft skills there are some things to consider, land ownership, laws and bylaws in the UK can make it more difficult than it used to be in days gone past to simply wild camp.

Preparing For When The SHTF?

Preppers used to be seen as a paranoid bunch of nutters, to put it frankly, wasting time on a disaster that would never come?
A SHTF scenario (Shot Hits The Fan) may not even be caused by a finger on the nuclear button, a flu pandemic or financial meltdown.

U.S. Elections Build Up Prepping Boost

Military outdoor was recently asked by our local newspaper if the US elections had any effect on sales of our prepping and outdoor products. There was a huge spike in sales leading up to the elections in november, social media played a huge part for the first time in an american election.

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