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May 17, 2019

What is the difference between a compound crossbow and a recurve crossbow? The recurve bow has more of a traditional design, it is a basic bow design that has been around since the medieval age. The compound crossbow is a modern design, some are made from aluminum, so they are lighterer and more durable than a traditional recurve crossbow. 

A compound in a nutshell offers greater power, precision and is easier to use from the start.

For Hunting, which of these crossbow types is the best? The answer to this depends on the type of hunting you are going to do, in the UK it is illegal to hunt with a crossbow, so this refers to other parts of the world. While hunting, it is important to use stealth to your advantage. The modern design of the compound crossbow means that it weighs less and is generally a narrower profile than the recurve. This will make it easier to move around undetected.

The compound xbow is normally used for large game, such as a deer, the recurve crossbow also has a place in the hunting world, its generally used for small game. The recurve bow can be used for hunting large game, but it will require a greater level of accuracy.

Let’s talk about accuracy. The compound bow has much larger strings, they make it easier to pull the bolt back and hold it in place, utilising less of the kinetic energy, as a result, the compound bow has greater stability and power. The recurve crossbow strings are not as long as the compound bow, therefore, it takes more strength to hold the bolt back, this can result in less accuracy and a loss of power, when it comes to accuracy, the compound crossbow is the clear winner here.

Many beginners want to know which crossbow is the best when they are first starting out, the compound crossbow takes much less time to learn. The recurve crossbow takes much longer to learn, and is less accurate. 

Now, we are going to talk about power, some people say both types of crossbows have equal amounts of power. It is easy to see why people may say this, it is possible to get a recurve crossbow that has the same resistance as a compound crossbow, although the compound crossbow will store more energy after the draw than the recurve, as some kinetic energy is lost while holding the bolt in position. The bolt will not have the same amount of power when released, The compound crossbow is more powerful than the recurve xbow in most opinions.

To summarise, the compound crossbow takes less effort to cock due to its pulley distribution system resulting in astonishing power output with a much easier drawing and loading. Greater accuracy with the compound crossbow and also a slimmer profile for steath use, the cost of a compound is alot higher due to this modern design, so if cost is an issue a recurve crossbow will suit well to get proficient in this ancient sporting pastime.

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