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Compound or Recurves Crossbows: Which is Best?

What is the difference between a compound crossbow and a recurve crossbow? The recurve bow has more of a traditional design, it is a basic bow design that has been around since the medieval age. The compound crossbow is a modern design, some are made from aluminum, so they are lighterer and more durable than a traditional recurve crossbow.

Bushcraft Equipment On A Budget

Bushcraft has become a household name in the UK, thanks to Ray Mears in particular and his TV series, high quality Bushcraft Kit can cost hundreds of pounds, which should last a lifetime if cared for correctly, our mission is to show you that you can enjoy the great outdoors on a shoestring, literally!

Bushcraft Practice In The UK?

When choosing a location to hone your bushcraft skills there are some things to consider, land ownership, laws and bylaws in the UK can make it more difficult than it used to be in days gone past to simply wild camp.

Preparing For When The SHTF?

Preppers used to be seen as a paranoid bunch of nutters, to put it frankly, wasting time on a disaster that would never come?
A SHTF scenario (Shot Hits The Fan) may not even be caused by a finger on the nuclear button, a flu pandemic or financial meltdown.

U.S. Elections Build Up Prepping Boost

Military outdoor was recently asked by our local newspaper if the US elections had any effect on sales of our prepping and outdoor products. There was a huge spike in sales leading up to the elections in november, social media played a huge part for the first time in an american election.

Military & Outdoor In The Press

The brexit vote has pushed sales up due to several factors, the build up to the vote was peppered with speeches by ex prime minister david cameron on the threat of world war three if we left the union, the pound has dropped to an all time low with the euro and us dollar sparking fears of civil unrest.

Outdoor Equipment Specialists

Lets take a quick look at what we think will keep you safe, warm, fed & happy whether your hiking across the moors, on a canoe expedition down the amazon or simply camping in the local woods, and yes we do have some lovely woods here in cambridge.

Bushcraft in the United kingdom

The term Bushcraft is relatively new to the United kingdom, but a common activity in the USA for many decades. Bushcraft covers a wide range of skills such as fire-lighting, cooking on an open fire, shelter building, uses of plants, finding and purifying water, and more outdoor lifestyle choices.
May 31, 2016 by Justin Jones

Guide to buying a bushcraft knife

Buying a bushcraft knife can be confusing, here we explain the terminology of what makes a good bushcraft knife, and guide you to a conclusion to help you choose the right product.

Paracord an essential survival item

Paracord literally has hundreds of uses in a survival situation such as shelter building, fishing, hunting as snares or lashing a spear, load carriage, lashing a raft, the list is endless.

October 09, 2015 by Justin Jones

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