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January 24, 2020

BushcraftLab has joined up with KarrimorSF Ambassador, Justin Miles, to find out more about the Karrimor SF Sabre 30 daypack.

Created using the innovative designs, rugged material and stringent manufacturing processes which have firmly placed KarrimorSF as one of the worlds leading rucksack manufacturers, the Sabre 30 is a lightweight, functional, versatile and robust daypack which is perfect for a whole range of outdoor uses, from bushcraft to Nordic skiing.

The main compartment of the KarrimorSF Sabre 30 offers an abundance of uninterrupted, flexible space for carrying essentials for a well-equipped day in the field or even a lightweight overnighter with a hammock and tarp, a BCB Crusader cup and stove set and enough FireDragon fuel for dinner and breakfast the next day.

For water, Justin relies on the Pure Hydration ‘APT’ which is an all in one water-bottle and filtration/purification system which allows users to draw water from almost any non-saline source to create safe drinking water.

Justin says about the Pure Hydration APT; “Using the APT means that I can maintain a good level of hydration without the need to carry several litres of water each day, saving space and weight. I usually keep my APT in the elasticated side pockets of the KarrimorSF Sabre 30, adding another layer of security by clipping it to the side of the pack.’

On the sides of the Sabre 30 are ski guides for transporting skis which are brilliant for bush craters in Nordic or Alpine environments, but they can also be used for securing walking poles or other ‘long’ items to the outside of the pack. In Justin’s case, it’s usually an umbrella; no matter where in the world his expeditions and adventures take him, Justin usually carries an umbrella.

The zipped lid compartment, accessible from the exterior of the pack, is a great place for storing ‘quick-grab’ items such as compact cameras, phones or even your ‘Food For Free’ identification guide.

The top flap of the KarrimorSFSabre 30 hosts a ‘cats-cradle’ style bungee arrangement which is suitable for holding other items short-term (the more items you can keep inside your pack the better because there’s less chance of loosing them!).  Justin uses this feature for collecting fire fuel; “When I’m approaching the end of my journey for the day, I start collecting small dry pieces of stick etc to use as kindling for my fire - if I’m having one. I stuff the kindling bundles under the bungee cords so that when I do eventually stop I don’t have to spend time hunting for dry kindling… I’m ready to go’.

As with all KarrimorSF daypacks, backpacks and rucksacks the adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt give the wearer exceptional comfort, even when the pack is full loaded, and the ‘coolmesh’ back system improves airflow and therefor comfort on hot days and long hikes.

The KarrimorSF Sabre 30 is a superb lightweight 30L daypack from the illustrious Karrimor SF stable and would be the ideal choice for an entire range of outdoor activities.

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