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Bushcraft Practice In The UK?

Bushcraft Practice In The UK?

February 23, 2017

When choosing a location to hone your bushcraft skills there are some things to consider, land ownership, laws and bylaws in the UK can make it more difficult than it used to be in days gone past to simply wild camp.
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Outdoor Equipment Specialists

Outdoor Equipment Specialists

June 17, 2016

Lets take a quick look at what we think will keep you safe, warm, fed & happy whether your hiking across the moors, on a canoe expedition down the amazon or simply camping in the local woods, and yes we do have some lovely woods here in cambridge.
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Paracord an essential survival item

October 09, 2015

Paracord literally has hundreds of uses in a survival situation such as shelter building, fishing, hunting as snares or lashing a spear, load carriage, lashing a raft, the list is endless.

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Top 10 Wildest Camping Spots in the World

July 15, 2015

Camping is a great way of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life whilst seeing some amazing parts of the world. It really does you some good to get into the wild and reconnect with nature whilst making some unforgettable memories. Camping is also more affordable than a lot of other types of holiday. Here are 10 of the wildest camping spots in the world to put on your camping bucket list.

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Sawyer Water Filters, Best In The World?

June 25, 2015

Ok lets look at some comparisons, and see why the team believe Sawyer Water Filters to be the best in the world by far on so many points.

Firstly, pore size, a quick look at the leading filters currently selling will tell you none of them filter out as much bacteria as the sawyer due to there larger pore size.

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Survival Kit Essentials

June 01, 2015

Keen wilderness explorers and campers should always be kitted out with the right gear when they head out on their latest trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple camping trip in the woods or an expedition into the mountains, without the right equipment and a survival kit to hand, you’re asking for trouble right from the start.

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Tips for Orienteering and Using a Compass

April 06, 2015

Orienteering and compass skills are obviously useful for people interested in competitive and recreational orienteering as well as being handy life skills to have if you are planning a camping holiday or are cycling or walking through the country.

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In's and out's of Rough and tough camping in the UK

March 28, 2015

These days, it’s too easy to switch on your iPhone or use your sat nav to get from A to B. Remember those crazy things with lines all over them called maps? Excellent. If you want to be a hardcore camper, you would be wise to get one for the roads, walks and other areas in the locations that you are going to be visiting as part of your camping trip.

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