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Paracord an essential survival item

October 09, 2015











When we talk of genuine US Paracord, its the 7 strand gsa compliant Paracord, that's been tested to have a minimum breaking strain of 550lb (250kg).

Paracord literally has hundreds of uses in a survival situation such as shelter building, fishing, hunting as snares or lashing a spear, load carriage, lashing a raft, the list is endless.

Originally used as the name suggest as cord for parachutes, so you know it has to be seriously strong.

Camouflage patterns such as Desert Paracord or Woodland Paracordare new designs developed for recent military campaigns and in mainstream use now by airsoft players.

An essential item for any survival kit or bug out bag, a roll of paracord ideal for a camping trip or a bundle of 550 lb paracord slung in the boot of the car can be a life saver.

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