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July 18, 2019

Buying a bushcraft knife can be confusing, here we explain the terminology of what makes a good bushcraft knife, and guide you to a conclusion to help you choose the right product.

Lets start with some basics.

Fixed or folding?

We would recommend a fixed knife over a folding knife every time, they are stronger and generally more hard wearing for longer term use with less to go wrong than a folder.

Which Steel?

Steels really are based upon the tasks that you want your knife for, in the end you must choose.

Stainless steel contains a high level of the element chromium to become corrosion resistant but also becomes a softer steel, this basically tells us it wont keep its edge as long as other steels and are not so easy to sharpen in the field.

Carbon steels do not contain chromium so it is a much harder steel, a sharp edge can be maintained for longer and they are easier to sharpen, but this will also mean it has very little corrosion resistance, upkeep with a rust inhibitor will need to be used.

So, are you off to a jungle/marine area if so stainlesswill be the best choice, if a dry dessert region then carbon steel.


As we stated earlier, we always recommend a fixed blade knife, it must also be a full tangconstruction, it’s stronger, and more versatile. Shocks and impact are also shared throughout the length of the knife, avoid the cheap survival knives that have a bolt holding the blade into the handle void, these are obviously a weak point.

A few basic points to help you choose the correct bushcraft knife for what YOU need.

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