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BCB International

BCB Ultimate Survival Kit

BCB Ultimate Survival Kit

The BCB Ultimate Survival Kit was designed to keep you alive in any situation anywhere in the world, used by military and expedition leaders alike, all packed into a lightweight mini mess tin with a rubber seal & roll over clasps.

The BCB Ultimate Survival Kit is a step up from the smaller combat survival kits.

Kit contains:

  • Water bag
  • Nylon cord
  • Button compass
  • Candle
  • Flint & Striker
  • Hack saw blade
  • Tinder
  • Fishing kit
  • Mini multi-tool
  • Matches
  • Sewing kit
  • Purification tablets
  • Safety pins
  • Single edge razor
  • Salt sachets
  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle
  • Snare wire
  • Wire saw
  • Grip lock bag
  • Pencil
  • Survival instructions

Weight 250g.

Brand BCB.

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