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Cobra Optics Head Mount

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Cobra Optics Head Mount

The Cobra Optics Head Mount has fully adjustable strapping, with an integral chin cup and flip, with a safety lock, eye relief adjustment capabilities, together with replaceable leather forehead and head pads.

Ideal as a replacement night vision goggles cobra optics head mount or used for converting a suitable monocular to night vision goggles for hands free use.

Choose the monocular model when ordering from the list below:

  • 7040-1 Cobra Optics Fury series models to accept single or twin devices to give either a monocular or binocular goggle configuration.
  • 7042 Cobra Optics Merlin EX series models.
  • 7042-1 Cobra Optics Merlin G2+ EX series models.
  • 7042-2 Cobra Demon Model
  • 7043 Cobra Optics Storm Pro and Aurora NVG. Accessory for Nebula Pro, Nebula Pro 80 and Aurora 80 if fitted with 1.0x magnification lenses.
  • 7046 Cobra Optics Tornado series models with/converted to 1.0x magnification.

Brand Cobra optics.

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