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DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock

DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock

The DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock is a lightweight mosquito proof hammock suitable for use in all climates.

The DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock with built on mosquito net and zips on either side of the mosquito net which allow for very quick entry/ exit either side of the hammock, the mosquito net can be tied above the hammock out of the way when not needed and dropped down in seconds as soon as required.

A very similar design to our DD Travel Hammock, however this is not waterproof, an advantage to this is it is extremely breathable and you can also cocoon yourself between the layers if you wish.

As well as for use in the UK / Europe this DD hammock is a great jungle hammock due to its breathablity and built on fine mesh mosquito net.

Set-ups possible:

  • With mosquito net deployed (fully insect proof)
  • With mosquito net tied above (ready to drop down/ use if needed)
  • With mosquito net underneath (lie out in the sun)
  • Ground/ bed set-up

Kit includes: 10m of Webbing (200g), 2 x 2m of Elastic Cord, 2 x Lightweight Poles, Stuff Sack.

Available Colours

  • Olive Green
  • Coyote Brown
  • Jet Black
  • Sunset Orange

Weight 860g (hammock only).

Size 2.7m x 1.4m up to 6ft.5inch and 150kgs.

Brand DD Hammock.

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