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DD Hammocks

DD Scout Hammock Olive Green

DD Scout Hammock Olive Green

The DD Scout Hammock Olive Green is perfect for kids and scouts on camping trips, being lightweight at only 600 grams and slightly smaller than our standard hammocks.

It is made from nylon and has two layers so the user can cocoon themselves inside if they wish, unlike our Camping Hammock it does not have a zip and comes with lighter webbing.


  • Two layer design that allows cocoon-like sleeping
  • You can lie out in the open (on top of both layers) with the option to put a thermarest/ camping mat between the layers as insulation
  • Comes with 8m of webbing/ rope attached ready to hang

Size 2.35m x 1.3m (comfortable for those up to 6ft and 100kg).

Weight 600g (hammock only).

Kit includes 8m of Webbing, Small Stuff Sack.

Colour olive green.

Brand DD Hammocks.

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