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DD Hammocks

DD SuperLight XL Pyramid Tent

DD SuperLight XL Pyramid Tent

The DD Hammocks Superlight XL Pyramid Tent has a single, stormproof layer of DD SuperLight material and is a great solution when travelling light or for minimalist backpacking. There's plenty of room inside for two people with equipment (and it's incredibly spacious for one!)

The DD SuperLight -XL Pyramid Tent is designed to be used in conjunction with either the XK Pyramid Mesh Tent and the Solo Mesh Tent (both sold separately) to provide insect proofing but can be used by itself for a spacious waterproof shelter.

With slim pegging tabs and a central top loop, the tent can be pitched in 2 ways - either suspended from a branch/overhead point using guy rope; or propped up from underneath using just 1 Hiking Pole.

Incredibaly, and this is the best part, the whole tent weighs only 610g/22oz (excluding pegs / guy-lines) - you'll barely notice it in your back pack!

This tent comes with 13 of our strong SuperLight pegs and 5 black SuperLight guy-lines, however also included with every tent are 2 extra spare pegs, and a full set of fluorescent guy-lines. This means that you can choose between stealthy black, or bright guy-lines for visibility at night.

This tent has a 3000mm PU coating plus a sheltered side door - so it'll keep you dry in stormy weather. Its air vent helps to prevent condensation inside too!


  • L: 260cm
  • W: 220cm
  • H: 135cm
  • Weight: 610g (Exclduing pegs & guy-lines)


  • 13x Pegs (for set-up)
  • 2x Spare Pegs
  • 5x Black Guy-Lines (2m)
  • 5x Fluorescent Guy-Lines


  • Suitable for 2 people (plus rucksacks)
  • Made from single layered SuperLight ripstop nylon, with 3,000mm fully waterproof PU coating throughout
  • Simple set-up with a Hiking Pole
  • Compatible with the DD SuperLight - XL - Pyramid Mesh Tent (2-person inner) or the DD SuperLight - Solo Mesh Tent (1 person inner)
  • 1 central top loop to tie off to an overhead point or tree
  • Taped seams
  • Includes both Black and fluorescent guy-lines for you to choose from.
  • Zippered entrance which can be rolled up and fastened out the way
  • Small back wall vent to increase air flow and prevent condensation
  • 4 optional guy-out points (1 at each corner) for extra security in windy conditions

Colour Olive Green.

Brand DD Hammocks.

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