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EK Archery

EK Archery Crossbow Crank Cocking Device

EK Archery Crossbow Crank Cocking Device

EK Archery Crossbow Crankhelpsmakes it easier to cock your crossbow. This crank slips over your crossbow stock butt plate, and easily removed before firing

Attach the hooks to the crossbow string and wind, the clever ratchet system lets you wind without the worry of losing your grip and then you’re ready to shoot with the string aligned perfectly

  • Crank handle can be set for left or right handers
  • Fits in the pocket
  • Weighs 400 grams
  • Nylon cocking rope
  • Roller glide hooks

The EK Archery Crank is available for the following crossbows

  • Jaguar II
  • Accelerator 370
  • Accelerator 390
  • Accelerator 410
  • Titan
  • Desert Hawk
  • Blade

Below are suitable EK Archery stock plates 

Brand EK Archery.


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