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EK Archery

EK Archery Firestar Compound Bow

EK Archery Firestar Compound Bow

The EK Archery Firestar Compound Bowis built for the more experienced youth archer with a draw weight of 25 lbs to provide powerful and positive accuracy shot after shot. 

The overall weight of the bow is very light which makes it easier to transport and hold steady whilst aiming, and the Cams have a 65% let off so the tension you hold once drawn is only 8.75 lbs. The Draw Length is 24 - 26" for shooters of an average stature, and the CNC machined cams ensure the power delivery is smooth and precise. 

The Riser is CNC machined from aluminium which makes it very comfortable and smooth and is finished in an electric blue pattern which really catches the eye on the range. 

Bow Package includes... 

  • Bow with 1 Pin Brass Sight
  • Plastic Screw Arrow Rest
  • Simple Quiver
  • Armguard
  • 3 x Wooden Arrows


Draw Weight: 25lbs
Draw Length: 24"-26"
Axle to Axle: 30.75"
Brace Height: 8"


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