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EK Archery

EK Archery Protex Compound Bow

EK Archery Protex Compound Bow

The EK Archery’s Protex compound bow is designed and made for the keen archer who wants an accurate and powerful bow for field and target. The riser, made from a strong and lightweight alloy that has mounting points for the sight and accessories to make it extremely flexible. 

Crafted from a unique grade of fibreglass and extremely strong to ensure maximum power and accuracy the limbs still manage to keep weight to a minimum. The cams, made from aluminium, operate efficiently and smooth on each shot and leave nothing to chance on every action. 

The draw length is adjustable between 20" to 26" with a selection of fixed draw weights to choose from. 


Draw Length: 26" - 30"
Draw Weight: 40 - 55 lbs
Axle to Axel: 40.5"
Brace Height: 8.5"

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