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EK Archery

EK Archery Robin Hood Recurve Bow

EK Archery Robin Hood Recurve Bow

The EK Archery Robin Hood Recurve Bow is a Junior sized bow. It has a light draw weight, perfect for the young archer starting out in archery and help improve their skills. The Robin Hood is made for both right and left handed users making it easy for all and perfect for archery clubs. 

Made from a high quality fibreglass, the limbs equate to a draw weight of 30lbs to 35 lbs, meaning it has enough power to help with accuracy but not so much to make it unusable for juniors. Also, the draw length is 22”-29”, helping to serve a variety of frame sizes and abilities.

The Package includes: 
2 x 30" Fibreglass Arrows
Simple Quiver
Finger Tab


Draw Weight: 30lbs-35lbs
Draw Length: 22"-29"
Bow Length: 59.25"
Brace Height: 6"

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