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EK Archery

EK Archery Spare Crossbow Limbs

EK Archery Spare Crossbow String 

EK Archery Spare Stringsoffer a cost effective replacement for your crossbow

A quality new string replaced in minutes, we always recommend string wax to prolong the life of any crossbow string.

Strings are available for the following crossbows

  • Cobra 80 inc limb tips (80lb)
  • Jaguar I inc limb tips (150lb)
  • Jaguar I inc limb tips (175lb)
  • Jaguar II Black (175lb)
  • Jaguar II Camo (175ib)
  • Blade (185lb)
  • Guillotine X (185lb)
  • Guillotine M (185lb)
  • Accelerator 370 & 390 (185lb)
  • Accelerator 410 (185lb)
  • Torpedo (185lb)
  • Titan (200lb)
  • Titan Camo (200lb)
  • Desert Hawk (225lb)


Brand EK Archery.

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