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Hazard 4

Hazard 4 Blood Group Type Marker Patch

Blood Types
Coyote tan

Hazard 4 Blood Group Type Markers Patch

The Hazard 4 Blood Group Type Marker Patches are very versatile in how they can be attached, such as atop bootlaces, worn around the neck or sewn onto gear or screwed onto supplies.

Sold in sets of two with an aluminium karabiner for easy attachment to soldiers kit.

Made from TPR rubber 3D injection moulded one piece construction.

Available in black, coyote, green and luminous.


  • 3D blood type marker lug
  • Very legible, progressive, and modern appearance
  • Professional look with raised 3D layered effect

Dimensions 2.75" x 0.9" or 7 x 2.5 cm.

Brand Hazard 4.

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