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One Person SHTF Survival Kit

One Person SHTF Survival Kit

The one person SHTF long shelf life preppers survival kit can support one person for the critical first days of a disaster such as a natural or man made situation.

This survival kit contains high energy food ration biscuits, drinking water, water purification tablets, a survival foil blanket and a twelve hour safety light stick for search and rescue use.

The materials in this compact kit have been selected for their quality and durability.

This survival kit is so compact you can easily store it in a desk drawer, car boot or your grab-and-go bag for use in an emergency.

One Person SHTF Survival Kit Contains:

  • 5 year 2400cal emergency food ration
  • 5 year 500ml emergency drinking water
  • 10 water purification tablets to treat ten litres
  • A compact emergency foil blanket
  • Illuminous safety light stick 12 hours

Brand BushcraftLab.

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