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Seven Oceans

Seven Oceans Emergency Biscuits

Seven Oceans Emergency Biscuits

The Seven Oceans Emergency Food Biscuits pack provides enough nutrition to last one person 72 hours in a survival situation, ideal to keep in your bug out bag or car for winter.

Each 500g gives 10,300 kJ or 2,500 kcal and contains the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition packed in nine separate bars with grease-proof paper.

The biscuit ration requires no preparation and may be eaten directly from the box.

Seven oceans emergency food ration biscuits can be used as a trusted source of concentrated energy ration in any given emergency situation, whether it is as part of a grab-on bag, at home, sea or even serve a leisure trip.

This unit is protected by a water-repellent cardboard box.

NATO 8970251451140 as issued to most life rafts worldwide.

5 year shelf life from production date.

Brand Seven Oceans.

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