Seven Oceans Emergency Ration Biscuits Box 60,000 Calories
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Seven Oceans Emergency Biscuits Box

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Brand Seven Oceans


Seven Oceans Emergency Biscuits Box

The Seven Oceans Emergency Biscuits Box will give approx 60,000 calories, enough to sustain an individual for 72 days in emergency situations.

Each 500g pack of seven oceans emergency food biscuits gives 10,300 kJ or 2,500 kcal and contains the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition compared to volume.

Worldwide NATO 8970251451140, as supplied on most life rafts.

Seven oceans emergency food biscuits requires no preparation and may be eaten directly from the box.

This unit is protected by a water repellent cardboard box.

5 year storage shelf life, ideal to keep in your bug out bag or a pack in the car for winter blizzards, etc.

Brand Seven Oceans.

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