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Seven Oceans

Seven Oceans Emergency Water Ration Case

Seven Oceans Emergency Water Ration Case

The Seven Oceans Emergency Water Caseis a great item to store for emergency preparedness & natural disasters, a real reality in situations such as hurricane katrina, where the richest country on earth took 5 days to get drinking water to the flood victims.

A case of 30 pouches of 500ml Emergency Water, up to a months hydration needs in emergency situations.

In survival situations, an average adult requires a minimum of 500ml per 24 hour period, this box of 30 sachets seven oceans emergency water will last a couple 14 days or a single person a month.

Worldwide NATO Stock Number 8960-25-134-0625, as issued on most life rafts.

Five year shelf life from the date of production.

Brand Seven Oceans.

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