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Winter Car Emergency Kit Bag

Winter Car Emergency Kit

The Winter Car Emergency Kit contains items for warmth, shelter, food and signalling for when the worst of the winter strikes, be it on motorway tailbacks, or lost in a snow bound country lane.

A winter car emergency kit that includes a wind up torch with a built in radio to keep updated with weather and emergency broadcasts, emergency food and water rations to keep your energy levels up in the cold, a warm fleece blanket and a bivi bag to fend off the cold, and two foil reflective emergency blankets are also included for others.

Keep the emergency kit in the boot you never know when you may get stuck in a blizzard.

Car kit contains:

  • 1 Fleece Blanket
  • 1 Wind-up LED torch radio
  • 1 Folding shovel
  • 1 Ice scraper
  • 1 Windscreen de-icer spray
  • 1 High visibility vest
  • 1 Emergency whistle
  • 1 Long life drinking water
  • 1 Long life emergency food ration
  • 1 Basic first Aid Kit
  • 2 Emergency foil blankets
  • 2 Emergency light sticks
  • 2 Instant hand warmers
  • 1 Bivi bag
  • 1 Hi-Viz Back pack (Yellow or Red)

Foil backed blanket now replaced with thick fleece blanket, due to customer feedback.

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