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How our knives can help you in any situation

July 20, 2015

Whether you’re a budding Bear Grylls, rampaging through bushlands and rainforests, or simply enjoying a camping holiday with your loved ones, there is a good chance that you will need some tools in order to make your life a great deal easier.

Our knives and tools are great for a variety of uses, including general survival, shelter building and more, and if you want to get the best out of these tools when you’re out in the wilderness, you need to know which ones to purchase for the right task. There’s not much point buying a huge machete when you’re carrying a tiny backpack into the woods.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the various knives and tools on offer:

ESEE Izula II Knife 

This knife is the go-to survival knife used by Special Forces units around the world. Forged from high carbon steel and finished with a textured powder coating and ring pommel, the Esee Izula II is superb little tool used to protect yourself in any terrain. Lightweight and compact, this knife has a 2.6” blade, and is 6.75” in total, so you can keep it close at all times.

Ka-Bar TDI LDK Knife

When it comes to protection, you could do a lot worse than the Ka-Bar TDI LDK is as good as it gets. The blade length is 1.5” and the handle is 2”, making this small and compact knife the perfect tool to have in a boot or under a pack strap in case of an emergency. Made from plastic and weighing just 2.4oz (68 grams), you wouldn’t even know you had this on you, but you’ll be happy you did.

Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner Knife

If you’re a keen camper and/or hiker, the Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner knife is a must-have tool to have in your backpack or fanny pack. This incredibly tough knife can be used to cut ropes, make shelters and has a long curved cutting edge, which makes it perfect for skinning, if you need to make tools from wood or you have been hunting for food. It is also incredibly lightweight at just 2.1oz.

KA-BAR Full Size USMC Knife

The KA-BAR Full Size USMC knife is the US Marine Corps knife of choice, and you don’t get many better recommendations for a tool than that. This knife comes with a leather sheath that bears the emblem of the Marine Corps too, which is a nice touch. The blade is 7 inches and High Carbon Steel 1095 Cro-Van, which is extremely heavy duty and won’t let you down in any given situation.

Anglo Arms Throwing Knives Triple Set

It’s important to remember that not all knives are made for survival in the wilderness, building shelters and fighting off bears in the mountains. There are knives that are invented for sport, like the Anglo Arms Throwing knives, which come in a set of three and are fantastic for folks who want to learn how to throw knives or who are already a dab hand in this field. This awesome set comes with a tactical pouch and have a cool, jet black colour styling.

Whatever your situation and no matter your need, always do your homework before you purchase a knife or survival tool, and read any instructions or literature that comes with it. You need to know how to use these tools adequately so you can get the best out of them, and if you are going out into the wilderness, having one of these tools by your side could make all the difference between enjoying yourself and finding yourself in a difficult situation.

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