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The most frequently asked questions on our store.

Shipping FAQs

Postage Costs?

The most important question for online shoppers is how much is postage?

Quite simply its free in the UK Mainland over £20 spend. We do ship to europe and worldwide also, we have to charge for that, but we actually charge less than what royal mail and courier firms charge us to keep you the customer happy.

Returning Items?

We want you to be completely satisfied every time you shop with us, occasionally though, we know you may want to return items. We are more than happy for you to return any of our goods for a refund of the item price within 30 days of receipt, as long as, they are in resellable condition with any packaging and labels intact.

You must contact us by email at sales@bushcraftlab.co.uk within 30 days of the item being delivered.

So feel free to try any of our fantastic range available with our no quibble, no question returns policy. You the customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the item to us. It can be shipped back via a service of your choice although we do recommend a secure trackable method that requires a signature on delivery.

Items sent back in a used, damaged or in any other way not sellable condition will be charged a restocking fee, this will depend on the extent of the damage to the item.

Worldwide Export?

We do export worldwide the majority of our products, tax free shopping outside the European Union is available, and 20% tax will not be included on export orders, this is done for you automatically at the checkout. Goods such as night vision may require an export licence before exporting from the UK and European Union.

Age Verification Checks

We will carry out age verification checks on age restricted items such as knives or crossbows, it is illegal to sell these items to anyone under the age of 18. In order to verify your age we carry out the below checks: 1) We will check your name against the public available list of the Electoral Roll. If your name is there then your order will be processed without any glitches. Some people can opt out of this if that’s the case we will have to check your age in step 2. 2) If your name is not listed then we will contact you thus informing that we will need an scanned copy of an Official ID which will clearly state your name and Date of Birth, we will accept this via email. In order to process your order smoothly and promptly, please always mention your order id whilst contacting us or sending proof of id. If for any reason you are not able to provide the information required, your order will be cancelled and refunded within 7 days. This verification process will be done once only. Once verified your account will be marked checked, and subsequent orders will go without delay.

Prepping Gear FAQs

What is prepping?

Prepping is a movement based on preparing for large scale disasters, a common practice in the USA but now also catching on in the UK too. Acts of prepping may include but are not limited to; stockpiling food, survival equipment and various military equipment.

How could the world end?

There are many theorised end of the world scenarios, not all of which are likely, some of these are:

  • Artificial Intelligence – This is a scenario in which machines out-compete humans resulting in our extinction, another potential risk is that learning computers begin to gain intelligence at a rapid rate and the choose to make unpredictable actions.
  • Nanotechnology – The Grey Goo Theory, as a result of our advances in nanotechnology, nanobots (Tiny robots) consume the earth, through self-replication.
  • Biotechnology – Pathogens are used in war, by terrorists or released by accident, resulting in a global pandemic.
  • War – War could bring an end to the world as we know it, either through prolonged fighting or through the use of WMDs (Weapons of mass destruction) such as the Nuclear Holocaust scenario.
  • Global Warming – The Green House Effect Causes the Polar Ice caps to melt, resulting in large scale flooding of the earth’s land masses.
  • Environmental Disaster – This refers to any environmental issue caused by man such as a collapse of ecosystem services.
  • Over-Population – Due to over population humanity no longer has the resources to sustain itself causing widespread famine and drought.
  • Experimental Technology – The research of a technology has unforeseen circumstances, such as the destruction of the earth or the solar system.
  • Pandemic – A scenario in which a pathogen infects and kills large numbers of people.
  • Climate Change – This refers to the natural changes in the earth’s climate which occur slowly over time, For example changes in temperature.
  • Ice Age – The earth undergoes natural changes, so far there have been 12 known Ice Ages, and we are currently living in what is known as an interglacial period, which occurs between major glacial events. Were another Ice Age to occur, the northern hemisphere would become uninhabitable, with humans only able to survive in tropical regions.
  • Super-volcano – The Eruption of a Super-Volcano could result in a volcanic winter due to the ash and other matter thrown into the atmosphere.
  • Mega-Tsunami – This would not wipe out the entire of humanity, however it causes great threat to coastal areas around the world and would threaten human habitation in these areas.
  • Geomagnetic reversal – This is a naturally occurring event in the life cycle of the earth and has already happened numerous times throughout history. Although not in human experience.
  • Asteroid and Comet Impact – This would be an event similar to that which is theorised to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period.
  • Alien Invasion – The theory that extra-terrestrial lifeforms could one day invade and conquer earth.
  • Cosmic threats – An unknown number of threats exist in the universe which could threaten to either destroy or make the earth unliveable. For Example, Black holes and massive objects such as large planets and suns.

What do TEOTWAWKI and WTSHTF mean?

These are prepper terms meaning, The End of the World as We Know It and When the S**t Hits the Fan.

Why should I start prepping?

We live in an uncertain world where there are many potential risks. The majority of people would be completely unable to support themselves if society’s ability to provide for them failed. For example, how would you get food if you could no longer shop at your local super market? How would you avoid infection in the event of a pandemic? End of the world scenarios are unlikely to happen, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t. Prepping will allow you to prepare for the worst and even help you cope better in local crisis situations, such as natural disasters if a break down in civil order.

What’s a bug out location?

A Bug out location is a place in a remote area, which you have designated to go to when disaster strikes. This will also affect how you prepare your bug out bag, for example the highlands in Scotland are colder and more mountainous than the moors in the south of England, and there are also area of fens and forests to be considered. There are also other considerations to make such as, how you will get there, how long you plan to stay there and how you will survive once you arrive.

What’s a bug out bag?

A bug out bag or emergency grab bag is a bag which carries all the items you need to survive alone in a remote area. Items stored in a bug out bag may include; A supply of food and water, hunting or fishing equipment, tools and items for warmth and shelter.

What’s bugging out?

Bugging out is a prepper term, referring to leaving your home and going to a remote location for the duration of whatever issue is threatening you where you live. In order to bug out, you will need two main things; a bug out location, and a bug out bag.

I’m interested in starting to prep. How would you recommend I start?

The three most important things you need to consider are access to food, water and shelter. These are the basics needed for survival. In order to do this you should consider how you will obtain each of these things. For example water, in a post-apocalyptic world you will be unable to access water directly from taps as we are accustomed to in our current lifestyles. So, to begin with you need to think how you will access water, do you live near a body of water? Could you install a rain collector in your house? Will you have to stock pile water in bottles in case of a potential drought? You will then have to consider how you will ensure it is clean. The easiest way of doing this is to purchase a filtration system, a good quality filter will ensure the water is clean and free from major waterborne diseases such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Anthrax and E-Coli plus heavy metals and chemical pollutants. Food, in order to survive you will need to ensure you have an adequate supply of food. Will you learn to forage or grow your own food? Or will you choose to stockpile food? If you choose the former, you will need to ensure you have the correct tools to achieve this. If you choose the latter, you will need to start hoarding food. I would recommend doing it in stages and starting with aiming to hoard enough food for a month, then three months, then six months, then a year. Shelter, you should consider whether your home is safe in all possible weather conditions in your area, for example, in the event of Cold Winters or extreme weather. If it is not possible to achieve this you should consider picking a bug out location.

Archery FAQs

What are the different types of Archery?

When talking about Archery kit we are mainly looking at Bows and crossbows. An archery bow has moved on a lot since Henry the V days, the modern compound bow for example reduces the force that an archer must hold, yet increase the overall energy stored by the bow, whereas the standard recurve bow is very popular for its simplicity of use, and is ideal for juniors or beginners new to archery.

The crossbow has come on a lot since ancient battles in china, there are two types available to the shooter today, the main difference is that the compound crossbow has a cable and pulley system to enable the rigid prod (bow) to delivery more power and to make cocking slightly easier as you only pull the full draw for the first 3-4 inches. The recurve crossbow depends on the strength of the prod and length of string pull (from rest to trigger) to determine the power generated. The higher powered (200lb+) recurve crossbows will require a cocking device as they can be just too hard to pull back by hand.

What is Archery?

The ancient art of Archery dates back some 10,000 years to the Palaeolithic period with hunter gatherers, although we tend to think of archery as used in military battles, indeed the Chinese are claimed to have used the Crossbow around 341 BC against nomad invaders. Skilled archers were prized in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, its said that 6,000 English archers launched 42,000 arrows per minute at the Battle of Crecy in 1346, and of course the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 is notable for Henry V’s introduction of the English longbow into military lore.

The advent of firearms eventually rendered bows obsolete in warfare. Despite the high social status, ongoing utility, and widespread pleasure of archery, almost every culture that gained access to even early firearms used them widely, to the relative neglect of archery.

The 1800s saw the first attempts at turning Archery into a modern sport, it now thrives not only as an Olympic sport, its also widely practiced around the world as a outdoor hobby, and in some countries hunters use a bow or crossbow, for small vermin to large game.

Compound bows and crossbows are the latest modern development in the evolution of Archery, these require less strength to shoot projectiles a great distance, these would of delighted Henry the V!

How can I try out archery?

There are Archery clubs all over the UK, a good place to look online is Archerygb.org which lists junior and adult classes, this is the safest way to learn this exciting sport with expert tuition. Note that not all clubs will accept crossbows, so its worth checking which clubs do first before you turn up.

What is the law on buying Archery equipment?

Archery equipment can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18 years of age in the UK. The law also states that Archery equipment must be used on private land with the land owners permission, or you can of course join an Archery club local to you and gain expert tuition in this exciting sport.

What Archery kit do you stock?

We have a full range of archery equipment  including crossbows available in pistol size up to full rifle crossbows, junior bows to adult compound bows as well as a range of crossbow bolts, arrows ands accessories such as crossbow red dot sights. We also have spare strings and even a cocking rope which makes loading the crossbow so much easier, all the archery kit you need for hours of sporting fun.

Combat Clothing FAQs

Why wear combat clothing?

Combat clothing is protective, comfortable and functional. It was originally designed for military personel, but can be used for everyday casual wear, hiking, airsoft and even on operations if you are a military contractor.

What is Combat Clothing?

Combat clothing is specially designed for military use, but sports such as airsoft love our combat clothing range. All of our products are new and we do not stock old army surplus. Our products are made by top of the range military brands, such as Solo, Condor, Helikon, Viper and Jack Pyke.

What Combat Clothing do you stock?

We have a huge range of tactical clothing to suit all uses from military operations to airsoft players. Military cargo trousers and Soft shell jackets are a favourite with military contractors, or baseball caps for the street casual look, we have your clothing needs covered.

Night Vision FAQs

What is a night vision device?

Night Vision is a device which enhances the ability to see in darkness, used by special forces down to farmers keeping an eye on there land at night

What is an infrared illuminator?

In total darkness a night vision device will be completely ineffective in enhancing your vision. However, an IRI is a beam of invisible infrared light which although it is not picked up by the human eye, is visible to your night vision device and will illuminate your surroundings, despite it being otherwise pitch black.

How does night vision work?

Night Vision essentially feeds off ambient light emitted from sources such as the moon and stars. This enters the lens at the front and is then fed to the photocathode. Light is made up of photons, and the photocathode transforms the photons from the light into electrons. The amount of electrons is then significantly increased through electrical and chemical processes. These electrons then meet a phosphorus screen, which converts them back into photons and this presents you with your enhanced vision on the area you are looking at.

What safety steps should I take when using night vision?

Night Vision should never be turned on in daylight. Never aim the night vision at a bright light source, even if the surrounding area is dark. Always ensure if you need it disassembled for whatever reason, that it is done by a trained professional. Do not cause any trauma to the night vision. Do not touch the lens. Store it in a case to prevent any damage.

Why is night vision green?

Night vision does not need to be green. It used to be available in other colours such as red. However, scientists eventually picked green as it was decided to be more easily distinguishable by the human eye.

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